Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi Everyone - Do you remember the other day when I asked that you pray for my Mom as she tried to make the decision to move near me?  Well, yesterday, she had someone come look at her house for the second time (even though it's not even on the market yet).  This person told my mom that she would let her know last night if she wanted it or not and that she was really interested in the house. 

So here's the reason for the ugly card - the lady called Mom today and said she'd decided not to buy the house!!!!!!  Needless to say, I had my hopes up and therefore this answer made me quite unhappy.  I didn't feel like making a pretty card today and neither did Mom.  Thus the awful drawing that's supposed to be a card.  It's Mom and Me with our black clouds over us today shedding tears of sadness.  When Jacob was two, he had an expression for when he was not happy - he would say, "I'm sad-e (pronounced sad with a long e).  I told Mom today that I was "sade!"  She said, yeah, me too!! 

But I'm not giving up - I'm just going to continue to pray (along with Jacob who has a direct line to the man upstairs) that my Mom's house will sell.  If you feel so inclined, we would appreciate your prayers too!!  Thanks for stopping by and tomorrow we'll have something better to look at!!  Until another day, God Bless You!!  Now go say your prayers!!  Donna


  1. Sorry Donna!! Sending prayers for the right buyer at the right time for your Mom's home.

  2. Donna,
    I am so sorry! I will definatly be praying for your mom's home to sell

  3. How nice that your Mom is moving closer to you. Be patience, it was not meant to be with this buyer whatever the reason is, only God knows. It will happen when the time is right. But I know you both must be very anxious and excited, I am happy for you

  4. I'm sure your Mom's house will sell soon. I know you guys are excited to be closer to each other. :-)

  5. So sorry that you are sad. (((HUGS))) and prayers for both of you. Try to stay positive...the house hasn't been on the market yet...God knows the plans He has for you. ;)

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail


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