Monday, December 3, 2012

Deco Mesh Christmas Wreaths

When my house sold and I moved here, Donna & I were looking forward to crafting together.  With her job and her busy life, we've not had as much time as we had hoped.  However, this past Wednesday she came over after work and we worked on some Christmas wreaths.  I know it's not Cricut but we didn't start our blog to just post Cricut projects.  Now don't get me wrong, we love our Cricut products but we take a diversion ever so often.  These are the our finished products.

We used an ordinary wreath from Hobby Lobby.  There are frames that you can get but we decided to use these.  I decided to go ahead and start mine before Donna got here.  I thought if I could figure out how to make mine, then I could help her with hers and take less time.  It worked out great.

This is a picture of my wreath before I started placing the decorations on it.  Our decorations came from Hobby Lobby & Wal-Mart.  My green deco mesh came from AC Moore and Donna's came from Hobby Lobby.  
And another  before completion.

Here we are working on Donna's.  She loves red.  The only mishap we had was I accidentally stuck my finger in hot glue.  I wanted to cry.  These wreaths look great on our front doors.

Thank you for visiting with us today.  We appreciate your visits and comments.  I will probably post these on Pinterest since I can't post them on the Cricut Message Board.  God Bless You!!!  Peggy



  1. They are beautiful! TFS.
    I totally burnt my thumb with hot glue the other day. I had a huge blister for a week and now it has an ugly scab that feels like I have a bandage on it. I think it will probably scar. It hurt sooo much. That stuff is very hot.
    dmcardmaker (AOL)

  2. Totally gorgeous! Some of the prettiest ones I've seen.

  3. How talent you both are. Love all the wreaths you did. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. I am enjoying the Christmas cards you are showing. It have given me some ideas.

    Bethlehem, PA


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