Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Found In The Mailbox Today

Donna and I have a close relationship aside from being mother and daughter. We like a lot of the same things. I posted a card called "Freshly Picked Geraniums" on September 20. I stated in my post I did not know the name of the paper stack.

I was talking to Donna about it and she said, "That is so weird I made a card today using that same page." I used one end of the page to make my card and she used the other end for hers. We live 3 1/2 hours apart so what are the chances we would use the same paper on the same day? Oh, by the way, the name of the paper stack is "Songbird".

Donna did not tell me who she made the card for. That is not unusual because she is always making a card for a friend or one of her volunteers. Lo and behold, I went to my mailbox this afternoon and there was an envelope from Donna. Inside was this beautiful card using our paper. She is so thoughtful and sweet. A mother could not ask for a more loving daughter. Nor could I ask for a more loving son. They have been my rock since my husband passed away.

Thank you, Donna, and I love you. Mom.

Hi Everyone - I thought I would put my two cents worth in on Mom's post. So hear goes - Mom, I love you too!! The fact that we chose to use the same sheet of paper on the very same day to make cards just shows how close we are!! We're thinking alike!! Love you bunches, my little mamacita!!! I'm so thankful that our relationship has evolved into not just being mother and daughter but into also being best friends!! You're the BEST!!!

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  1. What a sweet story, and card! It's great you have such a close relationship. Shari (cricutrookie)


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