Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gentle Ben! We Miss You!!

Thursday, August 23rd was my late husband's birthday.  Last year we released a large bouquet of balloons in his honor.  We decided to continue that act as an annual event.  I invited others in the family to join with us so there would be balloons from GA, SC, NC, FL, CA & VA floating to heaven.  I must warn you this post is picture heavy.

First are my pictures.  Poor little Max was afraid of the balloons.

Next are Donna's from Florida.  Looks like they're are having a great vacation.  The Smiley Face is from Donna, the truck is from Jacob because Papaw had a truck and the sports one is from Craig because he and Ben watched sports together.

These are from my son, Brian, in NC.  He said they drifted toward the beautiful sunset.

These are from my Sister in SC.  She and her friend released these.

 Finally, last but not least, our niece Carol sent this slide.  I'm going to copy what she wrote.  It filled my heart with praise.
 Skip and I went on the golf course across the street and let the balloon go around sunset.  I had written on it and we watched it go up gently into the heavens.  It sailed up and up, further and further, until it was distant and went into an area that when the balloon went there, the clouds surrounded it with a beautiful heart shape.
Thank you for allowing me to digress today.  I just had to honor my love.  God Bless You!!  Peggy


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.
    I am sorry for your loss.
    It is not a digression to remember your husband.
    It is an honor.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Beautiful and heartfelt.

  3. Such beautiful pictures and such a beautiful thing to do for your late hubby. Oooooh to be loved so... I know he's up there smiling and feeling pretty darn good!!!

    Max is just sooo adorable -- too bad he was afraid of the balloons!

  4. That is amazing!!! What an awesome thing to do! love all the pictures!


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