Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just Because Gift for Teachers - Indie Art

Hi Everyone - I thought I would send a little "appreciation" gift to Jacob's teachers.  Jacob is really enjoying school this year.  His favorite subject is Science.  I must say that the things he's learning in 5th grade, I don't know if I "ever" learned them!!  Last week, his bonus spelling word was "quantitative observation" which was one of his science vocab words.  Even though we didn't study how to spell that, he got it correct and made 102 on his test - WOW!!!!

I know I'm rambling (and bragging on my son a little) but I said all that to say that teachers have a hard job and I try to let Jacob's teachers know that we appreciate them.  I visited my home away from home - Michael's - and found some pretty little notepads.  I can never have too many notepads around so I bought enough for all three teachers and decided to decorate the gift bags with crowns to match the pads.

  • I used the Indie Art cartridge to cut the shadow crown out of black cardstock measuring 3". 
  • I then cut the top of the crown out of "red glitter paper" at 3". 
  • I had to set the Expression to cut the top twice each time because the paper was so thick even with the deep cut blade. 
  • I then popped the top of the crown on the shadow with black pop dots and adhered the crowns to the bags.
  • I cut 2" shadow crowns for gift tags and tied them to the bags with ribbon.  I wrote the teachers names on the tags with a Metallic Grey Sharpie.
Jacob'll be surprising his teachers with these tomorrow - just because!  Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us today.  Mom and I so appreciate your visits and your comments.  We hope you'll come back tomorrow.  Until another day, God Bless You!!  Donna


  1. Love the colors and the teachers are sure to love them too!! TFS

  2. They are fabulous Donna I love them and boy oh boy what a brilliant son you have! And I agree what they are learning in school now I don't think we ever learned, makes it hard to help with homework

  3. These are fabulous. You're so lucky Jacob is enjoying learning. What a smart boy. I'm amazed what my GS is doing in Kindergarten. Notepads are a great idea.

  4. Donna,
    First I must say "way to go Jacob", great job!
    Ok, now I can how fabulous and thoughtful these are. I love them
    Hugs, Stacy

  5. such a wonderful idea.. they are amazing

  6. very nice. I really like that you did something different today, and so creative. I am sure you will make the teachers day!! That glitter paper is so nice, but it really plays havic on the machine and blade. I ruined half a sheet of glitter paper because I didn't cut it twice on the Cricut.

  7. Jacob's teachers are just going to love these!!! They are amazing! So beautiful!


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