Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi Everyone!  I don't know if you know it or not but I have an older brother named Brian.  Now Brian and I have a funny relationship - we looooovvvvvvveeee to pick on each other, especially about our age.  Brian turned 50 last year (and no, my Mom is not old enough to have children as old as we are - we all just grew up together).  Well, with the help of the people that Brian works with in NC, I got him REALLYYYYYY good.  Now, that's good and it's bad, because when my 50th rolls around - I'm going underground because Brian is a pro at revenge!!

I made this card for Brian's birthday this year because as I told him - he's really "over the hill" now!  Brian is a true computer geek (which means he is highly intelligent - a gene I did not inherit) and you never see him without his computer somewhere close by.  Thus my idea for the card.

I used Design Studio and Cursive 101 to merge two computers together to form the card base.  Then all I had to do is write my sentiments. 

Needless to say - Brian did think it was funny!!  He also warned me that my time is fast approaching and that he's still got two more years to plan his revenge.  I must say, I'm REALLY SCARED!!!!!

Oh well, I hope you enjoyed this little funny card and the story behind it.  I know it's not anything special but I thought it turned out cute! 

Now - I have to take a few minutes to brag on my little mama!!  Because of her talent in cardmaking and because she makes such beautiful projects, she has been asked to become a Design Team member for Fantabulous Cricut.  I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job for them!!  I'm so proud of you, Mom!!!  Congratulations!!

Well, thanks for stopping by and please come back tomorrow - we do appreciate your visits!!  Until another day,  God Bless You!!  Donna


  1. I think the card is so funny-great job! Congratulations on the DT can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations. cathie

  2. I love how the card turned out. It's fantastic! Congratulations Peggy! I was wondering if we were gonna hear you were on a design team soon! Your cards have all been Fantabulous since the beginning and they will be blessed to have you on their team! I am so excited and can hardly wait to see all the wonderful projects!

  3. What a cute card and such a fun story! Congrats to Peggy on being chosen for the design team!

  4. This card is just soooo funny and clever - love it. Actually stopped by to congratulate your mom. It will be so much fun having her on the Fantabulous team. Now I can say I design with each of you!

  5. Stopping by to say congratulations to Peggy on the DT member spot at FCCB.
    I am excited to be on the FCCB team with you!
    Sherrie K

  6. Such a cute card!

    Dropping by to say Congrats Peggy on the design team at FCCB! I am so happy we will be working together! Looking forward to your lovely creations!

  7. Hi Peggy,

    Congrats & WELCOME to the FCCB team! I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better.

    Your Fellow DT Member,


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