Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank You Card - Damask Cartridge

Hi Everyone! - I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day holiday!  Our town of Ringgold, GA was recently struck by a tornado.  It is the custom of our town to decorate the town square with American flags along with crosses bearing the names of soldiers that are from Ringgold, GA that have died in the line of duty.  Even though much of the town was destroyed, everyone still wanted to celebrate our American heroes.   The picture below was taken by my husband of town square with all the flags blowing in the wind. 

The next picture shows the flags in front of one of the buildings that was destroyed during the tornadoes.  Times like these help remind me of how thankful I am to be an American and that I live in a community where complete strangers always help others in need. 

I know this is a long post but I needed to make a thank you card for my boss.  I know I've said it before, but I have the best boss in the world.  Last Friday was the last day of 4th grade for my son, Jacob.  My boss knows that Jacob loves Krispy Kreme donuts, so on Friday, she came in with a box of donuts and a card for Jacob.  She said it was in celebration of his last day of school and for me to take it home to him.  I did and when Jacob opened the card (while he had a donut in his mouth), there were three movie tickets in the card.  Case in point, GREAT BOSS!!  I made this card for Jacob to write a thank you note to Jean.  I'm trying to teach him that you should show your appreciation when someone does something nice for you.

Using the Damask Cartridge, I cut this card at 3 1/2" Damask 14 from the cartridge.  This cartridge makes making a card so simple.  I adhered ribbon in the middle of the card, stamped "thank you" on a tag and tied it to the ribbon.  I then cut out the envelope at 3 1/2" and cut Layer 2 out and glued it to the outside of the envelope.  Then Jacob wrote a note to Jean on the inside of the card. 

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you'll come back again tomorrow!  Mom'll be back this week - I think she'll have to  rest from her trip.  They've walked everywhere in NYC and she said her feet were sore.  Until another day, God Bless You!!  Donna


  1. Wow Donna, your card is gorgeous! It's wonderful to see that spirits in Ringgold are up. We aren't very far from Joplin, MO and I just can't believe what these storms have done this year. They were proudly flying lots of flags around here today and it really makes you thank God to live in this country... even with the storms, we always pull together when we need to.

  2. Thank you for sharing those pictures. Love the ones with the flags. You card is gorgeous!

  3. Donna,
    Your card is so pretty and I sure your boss will love it. Congrats to Jacob on his last day of school.


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