Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hi Everyone - I have a confession to make!!  I have been in the deep dark dregs of "no crafty mojo!!" I ordered my Cricut Explore for HSN back in Sept/Oct 2014 as a Christmas present for me from my hubby!!  When it arrived, Mom asked me if I was going to open it before Christmas.  To her shock, I said NO!  So I received the Explore on Christmas day and didn't even tear the paper off the package.  It actually sat in a corner for two months before my son finally removed the paper.  So I took the machine out of the box and put it on it's designated area in my craft "happy space."  It has sat there until now (another two months later) before I decided to make something with it.  Can you believe that I went that long without using my new machine?  Without making some fabulous project?  

To be truthful, it would probably still be sitting there if Mom hadn't stayed after me to make something with the Explore.  She said, "once you use it, you're going to love it!" As my mom knows, I don't like changes and I don't like trying to figure "new techy" things out.  That's my mom - she loves techy stuff!  I'm more like my dad - when he got a new tool, he would give the manual to my mom and tell her to read it just in case there was something in there he would need to know.  Like him I want to take the new "tool" out of the box and just use it!!

So I decided to make a "ready to make" project for a friend of mine at work that has a birthday on Friday.  This was a very simple project to make and for someone who's mojo has gone missing for months, turned out very pretty.  

The moral of this story is - if you're like me and are afraid to take out your new Cricut Explore and use it - it really is easy to use.  I should have been using it months ago!!

Now the 3d Shadow box below was made with my Silhouette - it was another simple project to make - simply cut and paste together.  My friend with the birthday on Friday loves all things "cardinals" and I made her this 3D Shadow box which includes a cardinal.  I think she'll really like it.

Thank you so much for stopping by - we so appreciate your comments and your visits.  We hope you will come back again soon and if you're like me, you'll find inspiration here to play with your Explore!  Until another day, God Bless You!  Donna


  1. Hooray, Donna's back. I love both projects.


  2. You are over the first hurdle. Great cards, very pretty.


I appreciate your comments and visits. I hope you will come back soon.

Peggy T.

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