Monday, September 30, 2013

7th Grade Language Arts Project - Cricut Expression, My World, George, Zooballoo, Artbooking, Stand And Salute

Hi Everyone - Has anyone out there had to help with a 7th Grade Language Arts project lately??  Well, let me be the first to say - my son and I could not be more happy that we have a Cricut Expression in the house!!

Jacob's assignment was to read the book, "The Wave!"  Then he had to cover a cereal box and tell the story of the book on the box.  The front had to have a scene with the title of the book, author, and person making the report.  The back of the box had to have a summary of the book and another picture of something in the book.  

This is where the Cricut Expression comes into play.  For the front of the box, we kinda re-created the front of the book:

Sunburst - Artbooking
The Wave Circle - George
Soldiers - Stand and Salute

Jacob also had to place six items inside the box that tell the story of the book. 

The back of the box tells the summary of the book:

School - My World
Grass - Zooballoo

Jacob hasn't received his grade yet but hopefully he'll make an A.  Thanks to Cricut!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today - we appreciate your visits and your comments.  Until another day, God Bless You!  Donna


  1. Wow, what a great job and a really great project!!! It's so sad for my cricut machines that I haven't touched them for months!!! Gotta remedy that... lol! Thanks for sharing..., and for inspiring.



  2. what a great job you and Jacob did.
    He is so lucky to have a crafty Mom with a circuit machine.

    Bethlehem, PA


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