Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank You Cards - Paper Lace

Hi Everyone!! I'm happy to report that Jacob is feeling better and back at school.  I actually found a few minutes to make some simple Thank You cards using that wonderful cartridge, Paper Lace!  I'm trying to teach my son a little etiquette and to be appreciative when someone gives you a gift by sending them a Thank You note.  So I made him some cards to send to his Mamaw (my Mom whom he loves more than me but that's okay), his Aunt and Uncle, one of his cousins, and my boss.  I made all the cards similar but different.

Background paper measures 4" x 5 1/2"
Paper Lace Thank You Shadow - cut at 3"
Paper Lace Thank You - cut at 3"
Ribbon to match

 These cards are not all that fancy but the main point was the life lesson for Jacob.  He wrote a personal note in all the cards and signed his name.  He worked really hard on making sure that he had neat handwriting so everyone could read what he wrote.  He typically has awful handwriting.  I told him he must be destined to be a doctor.

Thanks for visiting us today!  We love visitors!!  Until another day, have a great day and God Bless!!  Donna


  1. Donna,
    What a great thing to do for Jacob, and I am so happy he is feeling better. I love the life lesson. My son is now 18, I only wished I started this sooner with him. He is awful at being appreciative (unless it is something he really wanted)

  2. Good for Jacob, thoughtfulness is a great virtue! Love the lacy thanks. :)


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