Monday, February 14, 2011

OUR WINNER and An Award

Thank you all for your sweet comments on our projects.  We had fun making them.  You are so encouraging.  We wish we could give everyone of you a prize.  However, since we only have one to give......., 

Love That Bug said...
Peggy, What a great card, I love all the glitter Hugs Stacy
Stacy if you will email your address to us we will get your Cindy Loo cartridge in the mail to you.  Congratulations on winning.

Also, we would like to show you a new award that Grace of Gracenotes For Today has created.   She so graciously sent us this award.   Isn't it lovely?

Rules of Award Acceptance 
  1. Right-click on the award and save it to your desktop for use when you add it to your blog.
  2. Choose FIVE (5) worthy recipients and list them. Next to their blog name, give ONE reason why you think their blog is special. What catches your eye about them? What do you love?
  3. On your blog page, list 5 things about yourself. Include at least one thing you enjoy about your craft.
One small request. It's not a rule, but Grace would very much appreciate a link back to her blog attached to the award badge when you display it on your site (after choosing all five of your faves). Thanks so much!

Grace has kept the requirements few and simple so that people will not feel it is a chore to accept the award. It is meant to be fun and encouraging! But since there are only five recipients each time, select them thoughtfully and carefully.
A Thing of Beauty ~ Award

And now, here is my list of FIVE recipients for this special award. In no particular order, they are:
  1. Purtty Papers Joy always has a delightful colour scheme and beautiful cards.
  2. She's A Sassy Lady Sheila always has something exciting going on at her site.  She's so informative.
  3. Paper Blossoms A very clean and attractive looking blog.
  4. Glenda's Cards Glenda makes beautiful cards.
  5. Amazing Grace Gorgeous layouts and other lovely paper crafts.
It was hard to make just one comment about each of the above blogs. Please take a few minutes to visit each of these recipients' blogs. You'll find inspiration there, for sure!

 Five Things About Me
  1. I love Spring time.  I love to see the landscape take on new life.
  2. I enjoy gardening and watching flowers grow.
  3. I used to sing in a trio with my husband and my son.
  4. I would like to see more research done to find a cure for the rare forms of cancer.
  5. What I love about cardmaking is that my mind can wander into another world where there are no worries. 
Thank you, Grace, for this special award.  God Bless You All!! Peggy


  1. well done on that beautiful award! xxx

  2. Love the card! and thank you soooo much for thinking of me, I feel so honored! Have a blessed and fabulous LOVE day!!!!

  3. Peggy, Congrats on your special and beautiful award! Love your pretty blog! Your work is always a work of heart and so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing with me! I feel very honored!
    Blessings and love!

  4. Thank you Peggy!! I'm so glad I found you through this wonderful thing of blogging. I am blessed to call you friend:)

  5. Peggy and Donna,
    I am so excited that I won the cartridge. Thank you so very much. I absolutely love everything about your blog, from your cards and your stories and everything in between.


I appreciate your comments and visits. I hope you will come back soon.

Peggy T.

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