Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi Everyone - well you guessed it!!  It's my brother's birthday this week!  He's my older brother by three years.  Now my brother is a very smart guy - he's a computer systems analyst otherwise known as a "computer geek!"  Brian has a great sense of humor but when he's in computer mode, you can be talking to him and he'll nod and say yea, uh huh, but he hasn't heard a word you've said.  One time my computer had a virus, so I called him and asked what I needed to do.  He starts telling me what to do in all these big words that I didn't understand.  So after he was finished, I told him, "now say that again in lingo that I can understand!"  

So since he's a computer guru, I thought I'd make him a card shaped like what??  You guessed it if you said, a COMPUTER!!!  I downloaded this file from the Silhouette Library (now I know this is an older type computer but it's all I could find).  Anyway, I put the paper on the mat and pressed cut!  Again, voila - a la card!!!

I hope Brian will like my card as much as I do.  Thank so much for stopping by today.  We appreciate your visits and comments!!  Until another day, God Bless You!!  Donna


  1. I think he will the retro computer. So cute.
    Happy birthday, Brian.

  2. Being a computer geek, he will definitely love this awesome card!!!


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