Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Expression and Imagine Covers

Donna and Jacob are leaving today.  I sure hate to see them go.  We had a wonderful time.  We released the balloons in honor of Ben's birthday today.  It was beautiful.  Jacob was excited to do this since it was his idea.  I think we might make this an annual event. 

Donna has been wanting a cover for her Imagine and Expression for some time.  She talked me into giving it a try.  Here are the results of our efforts.
Imagine Cover
 Expression Cover

After choosing our fabric, I measured the Imagine and cut out my pattern.  I used to sew a lot but haven't in several years.  However, it's just like riding a bicycle.  You never forget.

After getting the covers sewn together, we decided they needed some decoration.  I made some flowers and bows to go on them.  The flowers are made this way.

Take a yard of ribbon.  Make long running stitches through it.  Gather the ribbon as you go.  Roll gathered ribbon into a flower.  If you make your stitches zig zag through the ribbon, you get a different effect than just straight stitches.  Try both.

Thank you for your visits and comments.  God Bless You!!!! Peggy


  1. Beautiful! I love these - wish I could sew a bit better! Alas, only on cards though!!

  2. Oo, love the covers, I really need to make some for my machines. Also have not sewn in a long time.

  3. You are so creative! Thank you for sharing! Love the fabric!

  4. Peggy, great job on making the covers! (it reminds me I should get out my machine and use it!)


  5. Great job!!! These came out very pretty.


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Peggy T.

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