Monday, April 4, 2011

4th Grade Classroom Door - Spring

Hi Everyone - Using Design Studio and my Expression, I cut the decorations for Jacob's teacher's door for Spring.  You know that the schools are not allowed to mention anything about God so I wanted to come up with a saying that might possibly bring the Easter Holiday to mind!  To come up with the saying, I first thought about the Easter Holiday and the Resurrection of Christ and then I thought about how the flowers start blooming, the trees start budding, and all the animals are coming out from a long winter's nap!! I decided to use the saying,

"Spring brings new life to the world!"

Door Recipe:

Spring - Stretch Your Imagination
Other Words - welded using Design Studio and Cursive 101
Archway, Picket Fence, Flowers - Bloom
Border - Plantin, WIMG
Squirrels - can't remember

I think it turned out pretty!  Thanks for coming by and visiting - we hope you'll come back tomorrow!  If you see something you like, please let us know.  Until another day, God Bless You!  Donna


  1. Donna,
    I love how the door came out! It is very Spring like, and the saying you chose is great

  2. wow..... I love it! Love the flowers and anything Spring.

  3. Donna fabulous door. You got the rizen Lord on that door anyway. It is so sad that "one Nation Under God" has gone somewhere but where it belongs. Prayer in school was one of the things I so enjoyed each morning when I went to school many moons God bless u for helping to spread the Lords words. Hugs.

  4. Your door is beautiful and creative. I actually picture the tomb opening when I look at the gate.

    I made some Cricut cuts just last week for my dgs classroom door for teacher appreciation so I know how much fun you have each month.

  5. The door is just beautiful. It is so nice of you to take the time to this for your son's class.



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