Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hi Everyone!  Well, I'm kinda sad because Jacob's last day of Elementary School was Friday, May 25th.  My little boy will be going to Middle School next year - time just goes TOOOOOOOO fast!!! Sniff, Sniff!!!

Well, to give his teachers a little thank you for all they've done for him through the year, I thought I would decorate clipboards for them.  I also made one for his 4th Grade teacher because she taught him so much last year.  I saw this project on the Michael's website so I scraplifted it. 

I bought the clipboards at Office Depot - each clipboard was $1.25.  At MichaeI's, I bought four sheets of "apple theme" paper for 4/$1.00, a pack of red pencils in the $1.00 bins, and the ribbon for $1.00.  So all in all, I had about $2.00 in each clipboard.

  • Using Cricut Craftroom, I cut out a square of apple paper measuring 11.25 x 9.5.  I used a corner rounder to round the corners on the bottom of the paper. 
  • I adhered the paper to the clipboard using spray on adhesive - my new favorite adhesive for big projects.  LOVE IT!!
  • I cut the apple on top of books from the Hello Kitty cartridge at 5" and adhered to the middle of the clipboard.
  • I cut a border for the top of the clipboard using the Paper Trimmings cartridge.
  • I wrapped the pencil in ribbon using Tacky Tape and then tied a knot attaching the pencil to the clipboard.
All of Jacob's teachers loved them.  One said that she wasn't going to let anyone touch it because she was afraid one of the kids would break it. 

Mom and I have also been busy putting some "Peggy Touches" on my house.  Mom is a master at making curtains.  I thought I would also show you some of the curtains that we put up today.  We also rearranged my living room.  My living room has been the same for 9 years so we HGTV'd it today.  I think everything turned out great.  However, one draw back, Mom and I will NOT be able to move tomorrow!!  HA!!!

(First picture is of my Breakfast Room Windows, the second picture is Mom working on curtain in my living room, and last picture is the finished living room rearrange!!)

Thanks for stopping by today - we appreciate your visits and your comments.  Until another day, God Bless You!  Donna


  1. What a wonderful post today! Your clipboard is so creative and a fun gift for your son's teachers! I appreciate you remembering his teachers! Then, a glimpse into yours and Peggy's life together...a real bonus! Love the curtains and the redecorating!

  2. My DGD leaves 5th grade this week too. It is a little sad, yet happy, occasion. Love the clipboards...I know the teachers there will miss you and your craftiness. I would never get that high on that ladder...kudos to your mom. Looks like you both have done a great job. So glad she's there with you.

  3. Peggy, Will you travel to help me with some new curtains...I miss ya'll when you can't post, but know you are busy doing other beautiful things.

  4. The clipboards are cute as can be.... but I think I will need some assistance at my home on the curtains!!! Would you beleive I don't have a curtain in the house all windows are covered by blinds. The rooms look lovely.


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