Monday, January 28, 2013

Marker Storage

I have looked for a long time (ever since I started buying Promarkers) for something to store them in at my crafting place.  In December I found it.  I've got my markers set up so I wanted to share with you.  These can be bought in single trays, 6 trays to a set or 12 trays sets.  Donna gave me a 6 tray set for Christmas and I bought the 12 tray set.  I needed that many because I have all 144 colors of Promarkers and I also bought the limited seasonal colors.  Okay, I admit this is another obsession of mine.  Here are a couple of pictures to show you how I've got mine set up.

You can stack these straight on top of one another or at an angle on top of one another.  I put mine together at an angle.  It helps a whole lot when you are retrieving them.  Hopefully you can see this in this photo.

If you're interested in getting some of these, they are called Ultimate Pen Storage Rack and I got mine at Hallmark Scrapbook and here is a link to them.  I'm not advertising for anyone, just wanted to share something that worked for me.

Thanks for dropping by today.  Donna has gone back to work and I'm puppy sitting Buttons.  She & Max love this.  We love your comments and visits.  If you have found something that works for your marker storage, please share with us.  God Bless You!!! Peggy

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