Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Logan - Inside and Out Greeting Cards, Imagine

Hi Everyone!! 

Boy, did I ever have a traumatic start to my day this morning!!  I'm still shaking!!  I know that Mom told you that we have a new member to our family - Buttons! 

Well, Buttons and my soon to be 12 year old son, Jacob, collided this morning.  She was yelping in pain, Jacob was crying because he had hurt her, and I was crying because I couldn't get either one calmed down - including myself. 

So my husband took Jacob to school while I called Mom crying and woke her up.  I asked her to take me to the vet.  She jumped up and got ready in record time and came and picked Buttons and me up.

On the way, Mom prayed for Buttons who was still yelping in pain (and I was still crying by the way).  Well, when we got to the vet, they told me they needed to weigh her.  I was afraid to put her down but when I did, she didn't yelp and was walking around on the scales.  Mom and I truly believe that God touched her because he knew that Jacob (or Mom, my husband, and me) could not stand it if something happened to her.

The vet said that she did not have any broken bones but she was just bruised and very sore.  They gave her some medicine and needless to say, Ms. Buttons has lived the high life today.  She was already spoiled but she's been even more spoiled today.

After we left the vet, I called Jacob's school and asked them to get a message to him about Buttons.  I knew he would be upset all day if he didn't hear anything.  When he came home from school, he thanked me for letting him know - he said he had been praying for Buttons all morning.  Bless his heart - he felt so bad!!  But accidents do happen - we just have to make sure to be more careful to watch out for Buttons because she's so little!!

Well, you might not have wanted to hear all that in order to get to the card for today, but I just had to get that off my chest.  I'm still traumatized. 

Now for the card - I made this card for Jacob's friend, Logan, for his birthday this week.  For those of you with the Imagine, this card could not be easier.  I used the Inside and Out.  All you have to do is choose all the layers and the Imagine will print the card and all the layers.  Then you just put it together.  Jacob really liked the card. 

Thank you all for stopping by today!  We appreciate your visits and your comments!!  Until another day, God Bless You!!!  Donna


  1. So glad to hear Buttons is okay, he is sooooo cute!
    and so is your card

  2. Donna, Buttons looks to be a baby Yorkie to me. I have two babies (My Blog babies) that just mean the world to my Hubby and me. So I know very well how you feel. One of my babies was attacked by a neighbor's dog while standing right next to me in our own yard. She was even on a leach. Long story very short, she was hospitalized for two weeks and suffered for quite a while, but she is better than ever now and I am so thankful. It breaks your heart to see them hurting. I understand how your son felt a I was the one who wanted to bring Daisey out in the yard while we were painting the house, so my guilt level was way up there. I'm so glad all is well with your whole family and you can all rest easy now. It sounds to me like Ms.Buttons is a very lucky little baby to have the family she does.
    Oh, and your card is super nice. Love the layers. I know you'll be giving that "baby" many kisses so pass a few along for me please. I love to kiss those little noses.

  3. Glad you're all OK. It doesn't take long for these "babies" to truly get to your heart, does it?
    Really cute card.


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