Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend!  We sure are!!

You know I've told you that I'm addicted to Pinterest - well, Mom and I tried something new today.  Something I saw on Pinterest - imagine that.  We decided we were going to make pumpkin wreaths using Deco Mesh!!  We went to church, ate lunch at my house, and then went to Mom's house, and started to work!

We had bought our supplies at Hobby Lobby.  You can buy Deco Mesh for $9.99 there but we bought it on sale when it was 50% off.  Mom bought a wire wreath at HL but I bought a pipe insulation tube and duct taped the ends together to form a circle for the low, low price of 97 cents - something else I saw on Pinterest. 

We wrapped our wreaths with orange deco mesh to make them look like pumpkins. 

Then we made bows with green deco mesh and tied them on top of the pumpkins.

We then hot glued fall picks to the wreaths!!

TA-DA!  Here are finished wreaths

Here's Moms:

And here's mine:

So do you think they look like pumpkins??

We had blast making these and spending time together.  We had to chase Max around the room a few times when he got something that we dropped.  That boy sure is FAST!!

Thank you for stopping by!  Mom and I both will have to be making cards tomorrow for all the September babies in our family - Mom included.  Her birthday is Thursday!! 

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you'll come back tomorrow!  Until another day, God Bless You!!  Donna


  1. Fabulous I love them. What a great idea

  2. Well this is fantastic. I love the idea . They turned out so special. Love them.

  3. These turned out fabulous! Love the pumpkins!
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