Monday, April 2, 2012

I Need Suggestions For Organizing My Scraproom

I just have to share a photo with you.  This is a picture of my new home and especially my craft room being built.  If you have ideas for furnishing my craft room I would appreciate it.  I've been looking for Jetmax Cubes but can't find that brand.  I'm especially interested in finding something to create separate workspaces for Donna & I.  There used to be an item that contained 2 long shelves that could be attached to the cubes to make a desk.  However, I cannot find any now.  Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.
 My townhouse in progress
 My Craft Room
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  1. How super cool is that!! Do you have an Ikea near? love their furnishings...

  2. Wow how exciting. Michaels has Jetmax or something very comparable they fit together well and they have them om sale this week for 40% off Can't wait to see it when it is all done

  3. I'm afraid I can't help with organization. Mine is using what I already had. I move things around periodically, usually to make room for more stuff. So I'm pretty cluttered. Look for pictures of rooms online you might find something arranged the way you like to work. Good luck.

  4. Peggy, I know you are so excited about the new townhouse and getting a craftroom! I have JetMax cubes, but sometimes, I wish I had gone with built-in cabinets and workspace. If you ever have to sale the house, JexMax cubes can't be beat! You can take them wherever you go! You can't do that with built-ins! It is so good to see you back in action on your blog again!

  5. Peggy if you have an Ikea within driving distance I would definitely start there. This is where the shelves are that the desk connects to and pulls out. I got my desk there that has a side piece that can be hooked to the left or right. There are a lot of great organization things there. I also got a rolling cart there that fits a shelf my son in law made for my E2 and Imagine. It has skinny drawers and I keep a lot of things in it that I need readily handy.
    Also Bygel rods to store punches on wall and they have containers that will hang from them that I put tools, pens, scissors etc in. I also have a huge wall of Jetmax cubes.

  6. I'm sorry I have no suggestions on organization (I could use some help myself) but I wanted to say how wonderful that you get to start with a fresh room and build your own special space!!! Enjoy!!

  7. I have JetMax cubes on one side of the room and the other my hubby installed a counter top with a drawer file cabinet on each end for a base and then book shelves all the way up with a deapth that I can store 12x12 stacks upright.. Mind you my foom is only 8x8 but I love it and it is perfect for working in. I did do a video on it if you go to my blog look under iveos or tidbits it is fied under both. My best to you.


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